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Your curses are your blessings; that the very crux of your success will also be the spark of your biggest failure.

To drive to the pinnacle of your career you have to be committed, and your determination allows you to succeed where others may quit or give up. However your uncompromising will may also cause you to push things too far and too hard. Take for example Bruce Hendersen the founder of Boston Consulting Group, he was fired from every job he ever had or Einstein who was cast out and marginalized in the early days of his life by the Physics community. Their ability to challenge the status quo and unwavering focus on their profession was the bedrock of their success but also the cause of their abrasive interaction with the world around them.

Coaching, continued...

The fact is the biggest threat to the top performer is the top performer themselves. When operating at the pinnacle people do not fail for lack of technical ability. To get this far you have to be technically sound, academically accomplished and professionally talented. One common area where people fail is on the human element, the soft skills, the communication and their ability to get people to rally around ideas, concepts or change movements.

No one accomplishes anything on their own and as you move up the corporate ladder your role becomes less about doing and more about influencing others. Having an unbiased third party in your corner can be the difference between success and failure in a game where every inch counts. The Chief Executive Officer position brings with it significant challenges as the spearhead of change, the CEO is often at the epicenter of conflict. Emotional intelligence and the ability to effectively deal with an eclectic mix of personalities from tech savvy CTOs to financial gurus such as CFOs, the leader has to be able to effectively interact with an expansive breadth of personalities and skill sets.

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