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Aligning and building a team of highly intelligent, talented professionals is one of the most difficult tasks a CEO can face. Gallup recently released a study which it estimated the cost of dis-engaged employees in the United States alone at over $450 billion. While most CEOs are concerned with what message they are sending to their staff, the executive elite are more concerned with what message their staff are hearing. Those in the top 1% know there is a big difference between what is being communicated, what is being heard and what is being interpreted.

Our Internal Executive Assessment Program is aimed at identifying these gaps between the message you are sending and the message that is being received.


As the CEO of your organisation you are being measured on your ability to fulfil the vision for your company, therefore finding out if your team has the right capabilities and who does not have the capabilities to deliver against what has been envisaged is critical. Our executive assessment program will provide a clear dashboard for you on who has the capabilities to fulfil the vision of your company and we also identify who is committed to your vision and who is not. This dashboard can then be used as one of the tools to help ensure your leadership team is engaged and to course correct those team members who are not.

Our solution, in detail

The first component comprises the Four Faces of Competency model shown below. This approach graphs your team on two metrics, their level of commitment to the vision and their level of capability as it relates to realizing the vision.

Rather than merely being a reflection of the current levels of staff engagement and competence, this is a fluid document that will evolve, as together we create and implement a strategy to move all your team members into Star Performers. During this process we also look at two key elements affecting staff alignment with your vision; the biggest risks and opportunities your organisation will face in the coming 12 months. Is your leadership team singing in concert when they articulate your biggest opportunity or are they fragmented? Do they agree on the biggest risks facing the company or are they fractured across the different possibilities of threats?

Our assessment program will explore your senior teams alignment on items such as the biggest risks facing your business. 40% of your team may feel international competition is the biggest risk while only 15% feel geo-political risk is a major concern; is your team aligned on these items or are they fractured? Our process will unearth these issues.

In emerging markets opportunities abound and a senior leadership team must be aligned on what the biggest opportunity for growth is. Does your team feel fortifying key local markets is paramount to success or do they feel international expansion is critical to stay competitive. Finding out if your senior team is looking in the same direction can mean the difference between beating the market or getting beat by it.