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At the heart of our service is our ethos of putting the client's needs first.

In a world where the quality of your decisions rests on the quality of your data, our regimented process ensures the most robust information set about your senior candidates is available. We then present this information to you in one easy to read report which compares and contrasts your candidates for you on each critical success factor for the position.

While the common practice in the market is to present you with four to six finalist candidates each with their own dossier, we create a single report which compares your shortlisted candidates based on what we have identified as the essential success factors for the role.


At The Phillips Group our process begins with understanding your organisation; from your internal processes to your various teams' dynamics, we delve deep into the culture and ethos of your company to identify the 5 to 8 Critical Success Factors. We then focus our search on identifying the candidates who not only have a proven track record of success, but who will be able to seamlessly integrate into your company. Finally, rather than simply handing over the top 3 or 4 candidates for the job, we provide you with a detailed comparison of the candidates, a clear visual representation of how the candidates performed on their Critical Success Factors assessments culminating in one simple, comprehensive graph: the final Cluster Aggregate Analysis.

From start to finish, our process is aimed at providing insight into the candidates' strengths and weaknesses and offering an experienced opinion into how the candidate will contribute to the realization of your vision.

Read on for a more detailed overview of our process.

Step one:

We visit your facility and meet with your team. Essentially, we interview you first to understand as much as we can about your team, company, products and services, and the industry in which you operate.
Step two:

We create an Interview Guide which identifies the 5 to 8 Critical Success Factors for the role and the questions our consultant will be asking to assess the candidates' fit. We also create a score sheet and each candidate is given a score out of 10 for each of the Critical Success Factors. This document is paramount to ensuring alignment between the consultant, client and the key decision makers in the hiring process.
Step three:

We share the Interview Guide with you to allow you to give us your feedback and suggestions as to which competencies, experiences and skill sets you believe are most important for the role. At the end of the day, no matter how much we speak with you, we will never know your business the way you do and your input into our process is invaluable in ensuring that we provide you with a tailored service which is unique to your company.
Step four:

We begin direct sourcing candidates from direct competitors and from organisations which demonstrate the performance we are seeking to echo at our client site. Thus only candidates who have been the architects of the success we would like to see are approached and assessed for the role. This direct sourcing stage of the role includes an in-depth analysis of the market, its various competitors and it future direction. Candidates who are playing an active role in defining the future of the industry are approached.
Step five:

We interview the candidates and, during the interview, score them on each of the Critical Success Factors. As part of our process, we record each interview and will provide these recordings to you should you ask for them. Our transparency provides you with the ultimate evidence of a candidate's performance during the assessment phase of our process.

Step six:

"Executive Search is 99% of who you don't sign"

Aggregate Interview Scores
Vision & Strategy
As shown above, your candidate who is the best overall (in the example, Ahmed Al Marri) after further analysis shows some critical flaws, as in the graph on the right, where he scores lowest on vision & strategy.

The quality of your decision, rests on the quality of your data.
In today's search market it is paramount to use the right assessment tools. Assessment at The Phillips Group is a focal point. We are the only executive search firm in the region that produces an aggregate short list report, comparing and contrasting your candidates in one simple to use graph. We compare your finalist candidates visually using their aggregated assessment score, and then also look at each individual success factor; giving you not just the data but the insights you require to make the right hiring decision. Below are samples of how we translate the scores into a graph and visual report.

Direct Sourcing

A talent map of your competitive landscape will be created and only the most relevant candidates will be approached. This direct sourcing methodology is done with precision and is based on the business case at hand. During this process critical information such as organizational structures and reporting lines will be acquired and presented in weekly reports. Our candidate will be identified within the organization and approached accordingly.

The direct approach will require finesse and a certain amount of sophistication while at the same time maintaining the confidence of the Client at all times. Thus only candidates who are being considered for the short list will know which organization is recruiting them.