Interview Assessment Guide - Hospital CEO

Here's a comprehensive whitepaper on "How to assess your Hospital CEO". As the number of hospitals in the GCC are increasing at a fast pace due to factors such as high per capita income, the prevalence of life style related diseases and increasing life expectancy at birth; well-experienced hospital CEOs are becoming high demand. Before the market gets saturated there is a good chance for a healthcare executive to excel within this fast-growing environment. The range of responsibilities are spread from Patient Experience to Greenfield Experience with a challenge of a fierce competition. In response to overcome the shortage of human resources we have created this "Interview guide for assessing a hospital CEO"

The Chief Development Officer

Real Estate Interview assessment guide has been created to assist organisations to assess the most competent CDO to champion their million/ billion dollar projects. With the recent property development reaching unprecedented rates has put enormous stress on the Real Estate market in the Middle East. From developing single asset projects to delivering entire cities with mixed use developments that can be viewed from outer space, the demand and need for talented Chief Development Officers in the GCC region has become an integral part of the real estate business. In response to this need we have created this assessment guide for The Chief Development Officer.

Why do CCOs fail?

While large cap companies around the world have started adding a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) to the ranks of their corner office executives, the CCO is also the most likely to fail in the job.Their tenure has been less than two years in many cases. I asked the Guru's "Why do so many CCOs fail in the job?" and this is what they had to say.

The CCO - A problem sover or growth accelerator?

A new trend is sweeping big business which has given birth to the latest edition to the C-Suite, the Chief Customer Officer. While many companies are investing in call centers to handle customer enquiries, complaints and issues, the world's largest companies are investing in customer service as the holy grail of competitive advantage.

How to Assess the CCO

The Chief Customer Officer is the newest edition to the C-Suite of corporations. As companies now view their biggest competitive advantage as being the ability to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Our guide ensures you hire the best possible candidate for your organization.

How to Assess the CFO

The Chief Financial Officer can be one of the greatest value creators in a business. Whether it is creating the right gearing to accelerate expansion or securing growth capital for new ventures, the CFO is a critical C-Suite executive. Our assessment guide provides a starting point for your interview process.

The CCO Rises

I asked the 3 Gurus "Why are we seeing this new role called the Chief Customer Officer in the C-Suite and why is it growing so fast?" and this is what they had to say...

The CCO: The Voice of the Customer

To find out what companies can do to ensure the Voice of the Customers echoes through all departments of your company we asked the Customer Service Gurus, and this is what they had to say...

The CCO: The Big Corporates' New Secret Weapon

I asked the Gurus "What kind of results can a company expect by hiring a CCO and creating a customer focussed culture?" and this is what they had to say:

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Eye On Careers on Dubai Eye 103.8
  • Colm McLoughlin
    Vice Chairman
    Dubai Duty Free
  • Ahmed Bin Sulayem

"Eye On Careers" on Dubai Eye 103.8

Eye On Careers on Dubai Eye 103.8 is the MENA Region's number one career talk radio show and features the Middle East's biggest success stories. With guests such as the Executive Vice Chairman of Dubai Duty Free, the Chairman of DMCC, the CEO of Emirates NBD, and many others the audience is given a blue print for success complimented by real life stories of people who have made it to the top of their professions.




  • Colm McLoughlin, Vice Chairmain of Dubai Duty Free
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  • Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Chairmain DMCC
    Play : Part 1 | Part 2

  • Lenny Day, Smashing Cleaning Services
    Play : Part 1 | Part 2

Top Guns on Zee TV

Top Guns is a TV Show on Zee TV which celebrates Indian Entrepreneurship and Leadership across the Middle East. The show features successful businessmen and women who share their secrets to success with the audience.


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