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CEO Assessment & Selection Overview

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Your Free CEO Assessment on “Using Finance to Drive Peak Performance”.

Find out if your CEO Candidate understands how to leverage the finance function to increase performance, revenue and profits.

This book by Shane Phillips, CEO at The Phillips Group, is a must read for three types of people:

  1. Chairperson, Board Members or Senior Executives who are hiring a CEO
  2. CEO who is interviewing for a CEO role
  3. Senior Executive who aspires to be a CEO

The information contained in this book is not available anywhere else in the world and is the product of the Phillips family’s work over the last 36 years helping companies develop their businesses. This book is created from thousands of hands-on interviews and almost four decades of experience in senior level hiring.

The book is broken down into sections with detailed descriptions of the psychology behind the traits we are looking for and what the subconscious expression of these traits are.

The book provides a clear road map to assessing the basic universal skills of any CEO such as; Vision, Strategy, Leadership, Revenue & Profit Growth and Financial Acumen.

This book contains case studies of TPG’s experience with real CEOs who interviewed and either; lied, stole or committed fraud, in their previous roles. We will highlight how they tried to cover their tracks, and how we caught them. This book will highlight all telltale signs to reveal the true nature of your prospective leader.

How often have we had to rely upon a CV and an interview for the performance of our business? No more. If you are involved in the selection of senior executives in your current role, this book will provide you with an arsenal of new questions and traps to which you can catch the unqualified candidate who interviews with you. Remove the risk when making senior hires forever.

The book provides an appendix with all necessary questions for easy reference. The book can be used as a study guide on the craft of CEO Assessment & Selection or for candidates looking to progress their career road map for developing CEO skillsets and capabilities; a blueprint for their journey into the top.

The book includes the following critical elements:

  • 449 Chief Executive Officer Interview Questions Designed to Separate Good CEOs From Great CEOs which were developed over 36 years and based on thousands of interviews.
  • Penetrating interview guide to ascertain if your CEO can manage inorganic growth, organic growth, strategic development, new product innovation, team development, and other core areas of your business.
  • Definitive assessment of a CEOs P&L Management Skills.
  • Clearly measure the CEOs Vision & Strategy Skills in less than 60 minutes.
  • Separate visionary leaders from tactical managers.

Our checklist can save you millions and guard against a false positive in hiring the wrong CEO. Buying this book is an investment you will be glad you made for the rest of your life.

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