Placing Board Members and CEOs since 1984



In a world where big will not necessarily beat small, and fast will always beat slow,

The intellectual horsepower of your board and CEO will dictate your ability to survive the disruptions, volatility, and sea changes that are waiting for you on the horizon.

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The foundation stone of your company’s future is the capstone of its leadership team, your Board.

Let us help you seek and seed leaders across your organization.


Create a sustainable competitive advantage.

We will move your Talent Acquisition department from an operational function to a strategic function.


Your recruitment function is one of your greatest customer touchpoints.

Your candidates are customers.



Carl A. Phillips

Global Chairman

Carl Phillips is a Certified Management Consultant with over 40 years’ experience identifying and placing the right CEOs and leaders to elevate organizations. He has created several assessment instruments and tests on leadership and effectively passed said learnings on throughout The Phillips Group, giving it today’s edge within the search market. Phillips is an active chairman across the group providing on-going expertise, market knowledge and relationships.

Phillips has been the Head of Global Organization Effec­tiveness for Watson Wyatt Worldwide, which is now called Willis Towers Wat­son, one of the largest management consulting companies in the world, with over 14,000 employees. He has been a keynote speaker in several international conferences on leadership and has written several articles on “The True Job Description of the CEO”, a unique insight into the critical force in an organisation. Phillips authored the book “Winners Are Not Lonely At The Top” and co-authored a book called “Global Literacies”.

Shane Phillips


Shane Phillips is the CEO of The Phillips Group and specialises in Board and CEO placement. With over 15 years’ experience, Phillips is an expert in working with Boards and CEOs to help them transform their business, realise their vision and achieve their organisational objectives. Phillips’ focus is on sound human capital management practices and strategic hiring. He is a board member at, the online career management site, and is also a Board Member at Digital Analytica, the digital transformation company.

Phillips has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from the London Business School. He also authored the books “CEO Assessment & Selection” and “Get Your Dream Job”.

Richard Coates

Principal Consultant & CEO London Office

Richard is an exceptional business consultant, using his deep knowledge of people management to help organisations achieve high levels of effectiveness and sustainable competitive advantage. He typically works with Boards of Directors, Leadership Teams and Family Owners, developing business models and governance structures, as well as working with individual leaders as expert, guide and mentor helping them optimise personal and organisation performance.

With extensive experience in the Middle East, UK and Europe, Richard has led large cross-functional projects to transform leadership practice in major organisations. These have included organisation development, improving recruitment and retention systems and creating performance-based executive reward structures. Over the last 25 years, he has worked across GCC and other Middle Eastern countries in sectors including Financial and Professional Services, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Logistics and Retail, Government and Government-owned Institutions and Conglomerate Organisations.

Craig Marek

Senior Partner – Crisis Management and Healthcare Services

Craig Marek is a healthcare specialist with extensive leadership experience in emergency medical care, crisis management, first responder teams and other healthcare-related fields. Marek’s expertise allows him to provide expert advice and insights on key projects within the healthcare field. Throughout his career, Marek has led teams that included the third largest emergency call coverage area in North America. He has been renowned for his work in Ambulance and Emergency Care work and has been involved in setting standards, auditing, and reviewing emergency response teams across the nation.

Marek has been recognized for his work to drive international legislation to allow for transnational collaboration and cross border emergency services to integrate effectively across Canada and the United States of America. Previously, Marek was the Chair of the Minnesota/Ontario Cross Border Interoperability Committee.