Talent Management

In today’s market, where opportunities abound, senior leadership teams must be aligned to the biggest opportunity for growth in addition to having the competency to capitalise on it.

Does your team have the skills you require to take your company to the next level of success? Is your team aligned? Does it feel that fortifying key local markets is paramount to success, or do they feel international expansion is critical to stay competitive?

These are some of the questions a leadership team needs the answers to in order to stay competitive.

The Phillips Group Talent Management Services Include:

The Phillips Group
360 Degree Review

The Phillips Group prepares a 360-degree review on any identified candidate. The Phillips Group believes in holistic knowledge and rigorous preparation.

The Phillips Group Performance Management System

The Phillips Group philosophy is that if an employee’s personal goals are not aligned with a company’s professional goals, the brand will suffer performance and retention issues. When personal and professional goals are aligned, organisational performance will be optimised and teams will reach peak performance.

Executive Assessment

As a leader you are being measured on your ability to fulfil the vision of your company. Finding out if your team has the right capabilities to deliver against what has been envisaged is critical.