Your CEO is the
ultimate expression
of your identity.

Vision determines where you go. Strategy determines how you'll get there. Your leader determines whether you will make it or not.

Your CEO is the ultimate expression of your identity, your purpose, and your direction. They are the epitome of your brand. Leadership will make or break the world’s largest corporations, and the world’s strongest countries. Finding the right CEO for your organisation is critical.

In the current millennium businesses have been forced to adapt to unprecedented levels of volatility as the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way companies work, customers consume and people interact. Leaders saw their roles expand to meet the challenges at hand. Not only were leaders tasked with guiding their companies through massive market upheavals, but they also took on a larger role as community leaders, advocating for their employee’s safety and contributing on political and social trends.

Today’s most successful enterprises have leaders that can simultaneously transform the business, while driving performance.
They welcome innovation and change. They’re digitally minded. They’re optimistic and proactive. And, they’re inclusive.

How The Phillips Group can help.

Selecting the right leaders for your company is a determining factor in the organisation’s success. Your organisation’s vision, strategy and ultimately bottom line determines the type of leader you require.

By first understanding your business, then the market, and most importantly where you want to be five years from now, The Phillips Group can identify the right skill set your CEO requires to realise your vision. The Phillips Group then works to identify, engage, and attract the best talent in the world, with a history of delivering the results your strategy requires.

To find the right candidate to lead your organisation, The Phillips Group experienced consultants start by first understanding your business as a whole: how it works,

the products and services, future milestones, the industry you’re operating in and how you can generate more net profit. Your future financial results are the bedrock of The Phillips Groups process.

Inculcating your financial targets into our assessment process, The Phillips Group’s team will identify five to eight critical success factors for the role in order to achieve the organisation’s vision and strategy. Most importantly, what critical success factors are necessary to grow your net profit. This, underpinned by cultural fit, will become the guide The Phillips Group uses to identify the best candidate to lead your organisation and direct the questions The Phillips Group ask them.

Assessing The Candidate

When assessing a candidate for best results The Phillips Group asks; how will the organisation generate net profit? how will it generate more net profit than last year? How will it generate more net profit than the competition?

The CEO Search

The CEO search is the greatest opportunity a company will have to acquire competitive intelligence, to identify the most profitable strategies and tactics, in addition to learning what the new and innovative approaches are in the current market.

Delving Deeper

Interviews are designed to delve deeper and understand each candidate’s unique skillset, the difference they are making in their current position and how they can fill potential gaps to ensure you remain the leaders in the market.

Value-Added Reporting

The results from the interviews are compiled into an easy to comprehend report, offering you the insight to identify the right executive. Candidates are ranked using a graph showing their aggregated assessment score, making it easy to compare candidates to one another.