Talent Acquisition

“There is a hidden competitive advantage in your company. Will you capitalise on it before your competition does?”

Shane Phillips, CEO at The Phillips Group

The Talent Function

At the crux of great strategy is competitive intelligence, so it is time to move your talent acquisition from an operational function to a strategic function. Knowing what your competition is planning to do, where they are planning to invest, what their next strategic move will be; all of this will provide you with competitive advantage. Currently this information is being collected by your recruitment team in face-to-face interviews, and then being discarded.
Generally, the only piece of information recruiters store and use is candidates CVs. In most cases the recruitment function is only given a short set of key performance indicators which include, but are not limited to:

In limiting your recruitment team to these measures, this removes one of the strongest levers for the HR team to contribute strategically to the business.

The Transformation

Transform your recruitment team from an operational hiring function, to a competitive strategic partner.


Entry Level Hire Example

A case study into how hiring the right people can make a marked difference.