Expertise must
start from the top

Today’s markets are more complex and nuanced than ever before. CEOs cannot succeed where Board’s fail. Expertise must start from the tone at the top.

Today The Phillips Group’s clients are venturing into new geographies, new product categories, new services, they are digitising, and they are transforming. All of these changes require new skills and specialised talent at Board level.

For clients who are looking to develop a sustainable competitive advantage and increase revenue, The Phillips Group Board Services can help you assess, select and align boards with a view of increasing profitability and top line revenue growth. The Phillips Group Board services include the following;

• Board Search & Selection
• Board Assessment
• Board Alignment
• CEO Succession Planning

The growing influence board members have on industry and society is driving real change in what it takes to be successful in the boardroom.

Today’s most successful enterprises have leaders that can simultaneously transform the business, while driving performance.

The Phillips Group has helped thousands of organisations recruit and develop their leaders. The Phillips Group’s clients trust its board consultants because they know what it takes to lead. The Phillips Group works with you to build diverse boards and optimise the expertise and voices of all directors into a cohesive and high performing team. The Phillips Group helps you build an effective bench of talent ready to strengthen your organisation from the inside out. The result? A high performing senior team and a leadership that ensures your board is future focused and consequently ready for whatever lies ahead.

How The Phillips Group can help

Your organisation is unique in the way it operates, the challenges it faces and the milestones it aims to achieve. When selecting new board members for your organisation, all these things need to be taken into consideration.

Board Search & Selection

If you are looking to open new markets, launch into new segments, get involved in new technologies, often a few savvy board members can open the doors you need to take your business to the next level.

Board Assessment & Alignment

Vision is the touchstone of long-term sustainable success. Having a board that is aligned with the vision of the organisation is the first step to creating a high-performance team.


CEO Succession Planning

What are the capabilities you need to compete five and ten years from now? This is a fundamental question the board must answer. Quintessential to its answer is what kind of CEO does the future of your company require?

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