Recruitment, often a cost center is now contributing as a sales and marketing tool. A Company’s candidates are often also its customers, companies who treat them as such are enjoying the profits today.

The recruitment process, a critical part of the employee experience, is also one of the most overlooked aspects and has left companies unknowingly losing customers and ultimately revenue.

Consider the below points when evaluating your recruitment team and the candidate experience it delivers:

Virgin Mobile posted losses in excess of $6.2m in 2016 as a result of angry job applicants who switched to alternative telecommunication providers.

Strategically, the company decided to strongly invest in a better candidate experience and turned the loss into more than a $7.5m profit.

How The Phillips Group can help.

The Phillips Group places candidates at the centre of recruiting. Besides missing out on great candidates, a bad candidate experience reflects negatively on your company and can result in poor reviews. The Phillips Group ensures that even if a candidate isn’t the right fit for a position, they still come away from the interviewing process with a positive view of the company and feel like their time, energy, and effort was valued. It’s also important to think of the long-term implications of a bad experience. Too often senior executives don’t see the millions of dollars of lost corporate revenue resulting from a poor recruiting function.

The Boston Consulting Group found recruiting ranked number one, among 22 different Human Resource functions, as having the highest impact on revenue and profit margins. Bupa Arabia has taken advantage of The Phillips Group’s latest program to ensure every single person who applies to the company gets best in class candidate care.

The Phillips Group offers prospective employers the opportunity to create a new revenue stream. The program is designed to provide every applicant with a suite of world class career management products at no cost to them, helping companies create customers for life.

Your applicants will receive free services such as;

  1. Virtual Coaching with Guest Speakers, weekly
  2. 24 hour access to a professional Search Consultant via WhatsApp
  3. A 1 hour video career management course
  4. E-Book “How To Interview”
  5. CV Template

Talent Brand Management

Your success as a company rests on your ability to attract top talent. Talent brand, or employer brand, is centered on the promise the company makes to current and prospective employees, in order to recruit and retain the brightest and best. A company’s talent brand is about the organisation’s reputation as an employer and what makes the business a place where good people choose to work.

The talent brand is centered on employee experience, where the values and aspirations of the company’s employees are strongly aligned with the overall brand. It’s about connecting talent to a company’s brand, values and mission. It’s important because great employees have the power to make the customer experience exemplary and enhance your reputation and performance in the market in which you operate.

Branding matters, in the human resources sphere, because an organisations Identity is the key to peak performance. Can you answer the question: ‘What sets us apart from our competitors?’ Is this being communicated to prospective hires correctly? Talent brand is the social version of your employer brand – the perception people have about the organisation, what they say and share about the company as a place of employment. Your Talent Brand is being created whether you are actively managing it or not. The difference is, if you are not managing it, it is probably not competitive nor aligned with your intention as a business.

Talent brand has an enormous impact on how your company is perceived, from the broadest end of the talent funnel — pre-candidate, to existing employees. In 2012, LinkedIn’s Employer Brand Playbook noted that a strong talent brand reduces cost-per-hire by up to 50%, and can reduce turnover rates by 28%. Recruitment and engagement are actually cycles that create invaluable ambassadors who can, in turn, drive successive waves of recruitment.