Invested in your growth

The Phillips Group (TPG) is a global, exclusive, retained executive search firm.

For almost 40 years, TPG has been the premiere choice for board and C-level executive placements, for multinational companies.

Where competency assessments are commonplace amongst search firms, TPG goes above and beyond to find the right fit for its clients. TPG starts with understanding its client’s company vision, strategy and objectives. This information is then used to develop critical success factors necessary to achieve these goals and identify the right candidate. Someone that will not only help clients achieve these goals but exceed them.

Since inception, TPG has focused on quality service, building strong leadership teams through its relationships with clients, as well as its market knowledge, worldwide. Today, TPG Leadership operates from principal business centres in Toronto, Dubai, London, Budapest and Beirut.

The Phillips Group’s purpose

To improve its client’s bottom line by hiring the best talent in the world.

The Phillips Group beginnings

The official beginnings of TPG started well before its date of inception. It begins with the journey of its Founder, Carl A. Phillips.

Phillips’ first career was in the military where he was a Major in the Artillery. After a short period of time, he was selected to participate in the appointment and development of officers to meet the military’s fundamental need for first class leadership. He was ultimately involved in the selection of future Generals.

The Phillips Group Expansion

In the 1990’s the firm expanded its reach across Canada and North America. New offices were set up in San Diego and New York City. The brand spread across Canada with offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver. In the 2000’s the firm was well established with a long tenure and it opened its doors to the UK and Middle East markets.

The Phillips Group’s Values

At the heart of TPG’s service is its ethos of putting the client’s needs first. In a world where the quality of your decision’s rests on the quality of your data and market knowledge, TPG’s regimented process ensures the most robust information about its client’s senior candidates and the market is available.

From start to finish, TPG’s process is aimed at providing insight into candidates’ strengths and weaknesses and offering an experienced perspective into how candidates will assist in the realisation of its client’s vision.

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